Spada Waterproofs

Hi all,

Need a set of spada cheap-ass waterproofs for this week and our bike safe tomorrow.

where to buy in north kent/south east london, to collect, off peg in a few different sizes.

Dont have to be spada but something similar to their quality and more importantly price!!! (cant believe im buying watreproofs in JUNE)

there must be an infinity or HG around there…?

Thanks, just checked. Not paying that much for something she may only use for one day this year when she HAS to go out in rain. Likewise with mine, i will use them but my old pair of spada lasted at least two years.

they do but they do cost £10 more

Weise stuff came out as “best buys” in the Ride magazine tests.

Trousers about £15, jacket about the same I think.

You saying I might have put a bit of weight on and need to try a few out??? :D:D:w00t:
Cheeky fecker…I’ll have you know i’m the same fuggin size I always have been… :wink:

I dunno how expensive the spada stuff is, but HG do a blizzard range, pretty cheap but keep you dry as a bone in torrential rain.

I think full over-suit was about £60-70 including jacket and trousers but good quality stuff that should last a few years.

should sort you out.