Spada Leathers

anyone had any Spada leathers? How good are they?

found a good priced leather jacket (Spada Milan)

must admit i tried that same kit on but fell foul of ‘name brand snobbery’ and decided against t because it wasn’tdainese or alpinestar or arlen ness or joe rocket

How shallow was i eh…:blush:

Since heard the stuff is actually quite good and spotted on the pro circuit…

thanks mate.

ps we all fall for branding… thats why companies pay so much many for marketing… :wink:

I have some Spada gloves and they are solid. They are warm, armoured and well worth the £40 i paid for them. I have been looking at their leather range too and if they are anything like the gloves then i think they will be a good buy fella.

Where you found them and whats the price then ? gotta be worth a look, Im deffo not a fashionista when it comes to gear, although contrary to opinion I DONT get mine from lidl :smiley:

found them all over the place:

Slocombes have them for £125 jacket and £105 trousers

as does biking_direct

Harpers do them for £101 and £84.88

and BCTmotorcycles do the jacket for £91.96 and £76 (scroll down)

you could check your size at Slocombes and then order them from there! :w00t: :smiley:

now i feel even worse…

i just bought a pair of ‘all metal’ dainese gloves to go with my ‘weekend’ 2 piece.

They cost slightly more than £40 but at least i get pins and needles in my fingers thrown in for free after an hours riding.