Southwark bridge road speed limit

Anyone know what’s going on here, a month or so back a load of 20mph markings appeared on the tarmac along southwark bridge road from where it starts at Newington causeway, shortly after a handful of southwark council fabric banner type signs went up saying something about making roads safer with a picture of a 20mph sign under it.

There are still no proper 20mph signs or repeaters and where you join from great Guildford street (which actually is a 20 limit) there’s a road sign saying you’re entering a 30mph limit followed by a 20mph limit painted on the road (the paint isn’t shown on streetview).,-0.0969893,3a,75y,214.18h,82.74t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sdtgsnwLQNj63Yu46ZwntoQ!2e0

Are southwark council just making it up as they go along, I’m guessing the police will just ignore it (there’s a police station on the road and nobody is driving down there at 20mph) but it seems unnecessarily confusing and I’m not even sure the 20 limit is valid.

I guess it’s part of the Square Mile 20mph limit. They were really hot on it for about 2 weeks (it is in force outside my office too) and then just like every other “Great Idea” they don’t care now and Queen Victoria Street is back to being a race track in the morning!!

I think it was put in place to save Cyclists lives, but when they realised that the majority of them do more than 20mph and still jump lights then it was pointless and impossible to enforce it on Cars/Bikes/Lorries/Vans when the people they are trying to help go faster than the Vehicles!!

and brace yourself for more of the same

That’s a big square mile if it includes elephant & castle :wink:

Surely they still need to correctly sign it even if southwark wants to be a 20mph borough?

I’ve yet to meet a cyclist who actually supports a blanket 20mph limit but councils seem convinced it’s the magic bullet for road safety - I suppose it’s certainly a lot easier than actually planning the roads properly in the first place or dealing with dangerous driving/riding etc by policing the roads.

Southwark, the Schrodinger’s speed limit borough - both 20 and 30mph on the same road…

Isn’t that just where those speed limit change :ermm:

No, the first picture is taken from a 20 limit, going into a 30 limit according to the sign but the road markings say it’s still a 20. If you come from a slightly different direction, the road sign says 20mph.

The second picture is the start of a 30mph limit, immediately followed by the flag/banner thing on the opposite side of the road. there’s actually a 20mph painted on the road directly under the 30mph sign as well.

As I understand it, the painted road markings aren’t enough on their own, only as a supplement to proper signs. I’d also be surprised if the flag/banner is a legal speed limit sign, it doesn’t appear to be reflective either.

Seems like Southwark council have made a half arsed attempt at a 20mph limit but haven’t bothered with such minutiae as removing the 30mph signs or making sure the 20mph zone is properly signed.

maybe I should stick to 25mph?

I’ve a better idea

20+30 :Whistling:

Absolutely, everyone knows that collocated signs are cumulative! :slight_smile:

Man, I’ve been underachieving on my commute. Should be able to knock off 20 seconds on Monday:D