Southern Ireland - Suggestions Please

In late May I’m riding over to Southern Ireland, below Cork. I just wondered if anyone had any suggestions of places I should ride to?

I don’t mind if they are quite long rides, I could book a B&B near the destination.

Thanks in advance

Here ya go mate

You should do the Ring of Kerry - absolutely beautiful!!!

whos kerry


Dirty barsteward.

The ring of Kerry is beautiful. One word of advice: stop and take a look around. Often. I made the mistake of riding too much and looking too little. Mostly, I saw loose gravel, potholes and sheep droppings on the apexes!

And take your waterproofs-I have never seen as much rain as I did on my 4 day trip around the ring of Kerry.

The B&B’s are really good and the locals are friendly. We didn’t book accommodation, we just turned up and it was fine.

Last thing: We really liked Dingle <<insert rude comments here>> and the surrounding areas.

Hmm, Dingle sounds familiar, maybe I’ve been there already (I’ve visited a couple of times before).

As it goes, I’m going to have to postpone the trip till July now The Girlfriend went in for an op on Monday and has been signed off work for 6 weeks. I don’t think she fancies the idea of 5 days as a pillion right now…

Like I said, doesnt matter when you go it will still rain!