southern cross

big thanks to s/c all know ther stuff ,fitted a power commader and spent time fine tuneing fec me ended with 179.2bhp/105ft/lb fec me what a riot:Dso big thanks to all:)

But did they make it go more than 63 miles on a tank of petrol???

no mate…still working on that:D

whats the point when you only go 63 mph grandad!!

Sounds good fun :smiley:

What was the Bhp & Torque figures before & after, if you don’t mind me asking?

the bhp before was 164

torque…cant remeber:)

I’m gonna miss Southern Cross. I wonder if I’ll find a workshop here in NY where the mechanics allow me to sniff them up close :w00t:

Bet they would oblige if you asked nicely with a flutter of eyelash!:wink:

i know,but it gets to 63 mph fecing quick:P

fekin never at pod numbnuts :D:D:D

didnt see you run the blackbird,feking pussy:D:D:D

+1 for Southern Cross - cheers Matt/guys

ps. Shauna still won’t let me get the 15 tooth sprocket! (working on her though :wink: )

Just get it fitted, she will never know;)

Oi!!! You cheeky bu99er, of course I’ll know.

15 tooth runs alot better in town al, i’d recomend it…


Now quick Al while i have her distracted:P