Southern California newbie wants to share photos :)

As a Pillion rider, I get the luxury to enjoy the scenery and take photos :slight_smile: Here are some photos I’ve taken during our rides. And I am not sure if you know, Jay Leno is a big fan of motorbikes and cars. His usual hangout is at the Rock Store in Malibu so we found him there. :smiley:





Nice, how did you get the facing back pictures, lucky point behind and click or do you have a fancy camera that has a lcd screen you can move?

That BMW looks kinda funky, I am sre Jay would have added it to his collection! What bike what he on BTW?

Nice pics, and welcome to LB :smiley:

Judging by Leno’s clothes he wasn’t riding his MTT Y2K on that day. Have you seen that bike, and if you have, is it really as loud as the Youtube videos would lead you to believe?

hi Elad, well as a Pillion rider I can rotate my body almost 90degrees :stuck_out_tongue: so i just turned around, aimed, and shot the pic :slight_smile: No lcd screen that can move, it’s just a point and shoot and lcd. Every ride I go, most of my pics are facing back. I get the best view! :stuck_out_tongue:

I am sorry I didn’t see his bike at that time. The BMW was okay, Yamaha R1 still looks nicer ;):stuck_out_tongue: :cool:

What do you ride?

hi eezyrida, i didn’t see his MTT Y2K there. he usually rides his Harley to the Rock Store and especially the way he was dressed :slight_smile: he was a squid! :w00t:

i did see this bike there :smiley:



Wow, that looks pretty insane, got to admire the engineering tho’.

That is some good flexibility there! Looks like you have some nice bikes in your group, I have a golden-oldie GPX600R and a GSXR750Y that I bring out on special occasions… :slight_smile:

Jay’s bike looks mental!!!

Its a Confederate Wraith I think:D

Really nice pic … although it also scares me :

I just hope with lane positoning like that they never meet a Winnebago coming the other way running out wide

Loving Leno’s bike :slight_smile:

weather dont look upto much though compared to here :D:D:D

great pix you got there :slight_smile:

Nice pics and some nice bikes too.

thank you all for the nice words.

here are some more photos to share :slight_smile:

1st one is my friend’s bike after he trashed it at the track :wink: