Southend whooohoo!!

Last night a couple of us left the Ace around 8ish and went for a blast down to Southend the roads were a lil damp but grit and grime free, there were a few road traffic police stopping the speeding chavs but left the bike well alone

On the way back we stopped at Frith for a coffee meet up with Snap and a few others then went on to Leicester Sq all in all it was a great night.

So if your ever bored on a damp Sunday Southends the place to ride to.


P.S My babies covered in crap


Now what you mean about southend. Went there yesterday for a blat around. Timed it just for when the footy kicked out unfortunately so trafiic stupid. Although once on the front drinks and dougnuts were a must…

nah ya missed out on claccie!!!

damn right, a lot further and better, great country roads, great weather and there were 50 or so bikes!

Southend can be a nice ride-out, especially at night.

Better get washing mate!

You done turned up for the wrong meet Bubba

Best redeem yourself and make the May Day run…Nah mean!