Southend Shakedown Londonbikers Ride Video

Good morning all.

As promised, here is the video

First time with the gopro on the bike, lots of things to learn. Also youtube quality is a bit crap, I tried to keep it short and sweet, I hope you like it.

Have a nice week.

Nice Video, Cool soundtrack :smiley:

I always seem to be left out in all the videos posted of Rideouts! i’ve never actually seen a video where i’m on camera lol,

cool vid, Sam you can be seen from space mate with that orange glow so don’t worry too much pal

lol, did you see the video at 22 seconds?? Toony doing a Slan :smiley:

Thats me being helpful and forgetting about my bike!!! or at least trying to!!! lol

Haha we were playing bike dominoes, the rest of you were being spoilt sports by not joining in :blush:

There are bigger puddles on the west way than that “ford”!:w00t:

Nice video good sound track.

Wouldn’t have notice toonys drop if Sam hadn’t pointed it out.

thats a geat video, looked like a great day out…

I’ll stick up for everyone here :slight_smile: The problem wasn’t the Water, what happened was, the first group went through right behind Art so knew the depth, by the time the 2nd Group got to the “Ford” there was no reference for depth so the Bikes started going up the Bridle path to the Right which was full of Mud, it was really dangerous and slipery once they got over it I was in the queue for the Bridle path as i hadn’t seen anyone cross the water and presumed that everyone went over the mud bridge, as i was waiting Martin just zomed past me into the water without a care in the world for the Poor old Minsk :smiley: so i followed him through, but if i hadn’t seen him go through i would’ve gone over the Mud too, so it wasn’t so much the water that people were bothered about but more the Mud on the tyres like a Motocrosser has after a good ride out. I think more of us would’ve gone through the water if we all hit it at the same time and see how deep it was.

(Thats my excuse and i’m sticking with it!!! lol )

Yep, it was about mud only.

Anyway great video as I cant be seen anywhere :stuck_out_tongue:


Epic :smiley:

Just winding you all up. Chances are I’d have jibbed out too :smiley:

Looks and sounds great! Thanks for taking the time to put it together.

Great vid WildBoy :slight_smile:

Too bad you didnt catch Martin flying through the ford and other puddles with his legs akimbo in the air! :w00t:

Nick it was either the ford or the wobbly side bridge and hill of mud, I reckon you would have joined us on the bridge too haha! It was quite a sight to see all these supersports bikes crossing the bridge then making their way down precariously the mud verge, the cyclists and drivers must have found it quite funny. Oddly, this is the place I didn’t drop the bike! :laugh:

Haha it’s so weird to see the same ride out in the perspective of someone else! Nice video mate :smiley:

2:15 six of the best :ermm:

Wow cool vid, muchas graçias señor :smiley:

…we must do it again :wink:

2:28… an ickle bit of slow speed target fixation :wink:

What do you mean?