Southend Shakedown, east london meeting point...

Ok, I know there is a post in the rideout section about Southend on monday, but I live in South-Eas London and don’t want to go to the Ace first.

Would anybody else be interested in meeting at Borough Market, ready to leave at 0930hrs?

It would mean that we beat the rush and get some decent parking at Southend, and save ourselves from dragging ourselves across town to become part of the yearly traffic jam from the Ace to Southend! :stuck_out_tongue:

As discussed mate, if I don’t get stitched up at work will see you there.

I would be more than happy to meet at borough market as i am in lewisham. see you there.

Cool beans… :smiley:
I’ll be there from 9am, so anybody else feel free to turn up between 9am and 9.30am.
Leaving at 9.30am with a full tank! :wink:

Im going to the diner on the A127 as borough is going backwards for me…oh and i dont think ****ing my mother is something id like to do? (shes dead) …:w00t:

RR … sorry mate, thats me out for tomorrow … err today, just finished and now have to be back in at 11am.

Sorry matey, have a good one.

just set out for borough market, got 100 yards down the street and the bike just stopped working. am calling the rac now