Southend run pm 2nd Sept

A quick note to say thanks for the blast to Southend last night,

Ta to :

Yellow ZX-6R dude for pointing Jay out at the Ace ( but you didn’t come with us?)

Jay for introducing me to the guys ‘organising’ the run

And those I talked to and rode with, but I can remember only scant details - Aprillia man, GSX-R600 man, minty ZX6R man, black ZX-7R man and Brooke. I’ll get the hang of names soon promise.

Soz I got jammed in traffic and you all cleared off up north circ, but I was tired and Soho seemed a trip to far so tootled off to bed

And finally ta to the copper who pulled us all over and let us off with a warning.

Here are some pics:

Oh they’ve shown in reverse order. Dammit.





Sounds like you all had a good time. I wish i could come too

“And finally ta to the copper who pulled us all over and let us off with a warning.”

Do tell - what kinda speed were you doing?

Nice one Andrew! Looks like someone knew how to use their camera as well, good shots! Good job we didn’t come in the end, as on the way to Soho, the clutch cable on my DRZ snapped, as Foxy was riding it! Bummer… We got a lift to a friends workshop, and had it repaired, but it was too late afterwards to go to Soho. See you guys down Soho tonight perhaps, who knows.

Glad you guys had a good time! This is part of the value of the site, joining new social circles and doing new things!

Yep - Good to meet some of other Londonbikers last night, not a bad run out… Special thanks to ‘tws_636’ for the shortcut… good little blast we had.

“And finally ta to the copper who pulled us all over and let us off with a warning.”

Think there was about 8 of us at this point, about 10 mins from Southend heading home - stopped for a red light ‘as you do’ - lights go green - wheelie time… flash flash flash - Mr Police Man also sitting at the lights surrounded by other car drivers… Anyway he pulled us all over - got out his car ‘quick helmet of session by everyone to show respect’ Mr Plod says: - Who pulled the wheelies. 8 responses…‘Not me officer’ he then went on to say he was a biker, please look around to make sure no one is around next time you do things like that and he had to stop us as additional car drivers watched, accidents can happen etc etc…

Top man.

Until next time


Lucky escape.

Just like to say it was good to meet all Friday night down at the Ace then on to Sarf End. Remember a few of the names but old age is creeping in so might take a while to sink in.

Look forward to doing it again soon and meetimg all the folks once again, Also a big shout for essesx plod who let us off. All I can remember was startimg to break at about 110 MPH when I saw the Blue lights

I know mate I got left behind

Mad old night, good to names to faces. Good blast down there (with a nice gided tour to Sonic’s house ), hats off to the bloke on the blade who was doing Ton Wheelies standing on the pegs

My hart did stop for a bit when I saw the blue light in my mirrors but he was a top bloke, just did his usual Cop talk and lets us on our way.