South London Newbie.

Good morning all,

Just a quick introduction, In have been riding for about 5 years and commute into London from Wallington, Surrey on a Tracer, which I’ve had since March 2015.

Hope to get to one of the BM meets soon and introduce myself properly.

Welcome to LB your not to far from me in wallington.

Hey Trickshot, welcome! See you at BM sometime.

Welcome to another Surrey’ite !!  I’m in Carshalton.

Welcome - i’m out in Addlestone :slight_smile: Surrey rules :stuck_out_tongue:

Hullo from Ashtead - perhaps we should be renamed surreybikers :stuck_out_tongue:


Howdy from north London.

Hey trickshot. Welcome :smile::smile::smile:

hi im carshalton aswell