South London Friday 3 April Quick Blast, interested?

Hi, anyone in the South London area interested for a quick blast tomorrow (Friday 3rd April) morning? I’m in Thornton Heath near Croydon.Route can be flexible, so far I’m thinking to head off towards Westerham and back then to Box Hill for a burger.

Vague route I know :slight_smile: but I’ve always been flexible and not scared of getting lost to find new places.

It’s not hard to head back towards South London from Kent/Surrey anyway. :wink:

Just testing the waters and see if there is a couple of interests.

I know week-end is easier to arrange but the weather looks like rain for Saturday and therefore I don’t trust their Sunday forecast until I check it again mid-saturday.


yeah i’d be interested.

i’m in kent near maidstone.

Maybe, I was planning a ride around essex london area, was thinking Finchingfield, nice lanes then stop for a fry up. Dont know south london or surrey area at all so where was u planning on meeting and what time?

better over south i reckon…


I did a cracking route this morning.

from the oakdene.

hastings,rye,camber, folkestone then back to maidstone.

Cool, well Westerham seems to be 15 miles from Maidstone and is kinda the middle between Chenster and I. It has a small green with a lane that goes around it nearby the post office, I’ve seen parked bikes there so it might be a possible meet point.I don’t mind riding around the Essex areas but I don’t know where to go around there so you guys would have to lead, Surrey and South is where I’ve practiced more.

Finchingfield looks like near the way towards Snetterton so thats quite a way up for a quickie :slight_smile: Then again folkenstone is also a way down, not too fussed where we go, at least I can just get on the M20 and gun it up towards the M25 on the way back if we go that way.

Me and Ratty46 are going Finchingfield guys, more than welcome to come

Meet at City Limits, Collier Row, dont know when!

There is a nice few roads and spots along the rout and we wouldnt mind leading, we will do that then go ace cafe in the evening, most likely

will pass on Finchingfield.prefer the sweeping roads out my way than those essex lanes. :hehe:

Max. Can meet you at Westerham.

decide on final route then i guess.

wouldnt mind doing that route at some point would have to be after next week?

yeah just give us a shout when you’re free.

ok chenster cheers will pm ya after next week with days im free :slight_smile:

Sure, sounds like a plan. I’m gonna PM you my mobile number, not much signal here at work though, can just about receive texts and ring just to miss the call unless I run to another office window.You can’t miss me, I’m the big Italian on the red RSV that sounds like a Spitfire. :DI definately want to check out these Essex twisties I keep hearing about one day.

I found: :D:D:D

Max (02/04/2009)

I will take you another time then buddy. Just PM me when you think u can make it

Grumpy of SE london - have a meeting tomorrow am, ruined my Friday ride plans…LIVID - decided to cheer myself up by booking a ride on a K1200R wilst i am down in guildford.

Please pm/email me when the next S london ride is coming up.

Kind regards

Keen of SE??

Hey does it matter that I have only been riding for a month and only had my bike a week? so still a novic on riding, but I do love to ride?

let me know :smiley:

Of course it doesn’t matter, its all good.Tomorrow at 10:00am Chenster and I will be meeting at the Green in Westerham to ride towards Hasting>Folkenstone and back to London by 13:00 as we both have things to do in the afternoon.If you feel comfortable riding among a ZX-10R and RSV Mille you are most welcome but (I’m trying to be polite without incriminating myself and/or sounding like a prat) in order to make it back in time we’ll be keeping a pace that may be different to what a fresh rider who recently passed the test might enjoy…By all means I don’t mean I’m a very fast rider and like to be reckless, just trying to be open and honest before you end up meeting me and end up swearing at me lol :wink: