South American Snakes in action, Sucuri and Anaconda Videos

Coming from Parana, a state from south Brazil, leave with the fear os big snakes is part of our life. Well, it was part of my life as my parents have a farm nearby the Pantanal where these giant Snakes come from. Anyway some of my friends keep sending me videos of them in action! If you are curious, here they are:

The first video was actually made by accident when turists were passing by and witness a Sucuri having a monkey! It’s in portugues but you don’t need translation ! Enjoy

that third video clip reminded me of my ex wife she could open her gob that wide and smother anything

Swimming IS deff off

That anaconda is one greedy sonabitch.

And I presume you didn’t get them from the South American tourist board website.

Nasty nasty nasty. Mike, you’n me I’ll watch from the bar eh?

Ohhhh nasty vile snake, but does the job, hope he enjoyed his meal!!

I would’nt want to bump into one !!!

jesus christ…better to give that snakes a wide berth…