Soundtrack to your life

An old Suzanne Vega just gone, Bjork “Debut” coming to the end, to be followed by a very old Captain Beefheart “Safe as Milk”.

Good thread. Already looks as if taste in music is as varied as choice of bike.

Good choice Chunky, we love Amy too

Captain Beefheart rocks!:cool:


pink - im not deadlevellers - headlights white lines black tar rivers live

subkicks - subkicks

skeletal family - burning oil:P:D multidisc on shuffle !!!

sensational alex harvey band…live

then original mirrors :slight_smile:

Did you see them live? (Miss Jetstream did in 1977)

Alex Harvey is good. Can be very good.

Just about to put Dave Mathews Band on the player.


I thought I was last person alive listening to the Captain. Nice to know there are other loop heads out there.

Can`t beat Steve Gibbons apparently.

Dave mathews band - good choice

The latest CDs by Disturbed & Seether

Whats a ‘turntable’ ??? :stuck_out_tongue:

A device for rotating steam locomotives so that they point in the right direction, cheeky :slight_smile:

Now I will have to play Beefheart’s “Grow Fins” in your honour.

Fun loving criminals - running around robbing banks all wacked off of Scooby Snacks :smiley:

Its a FLC kinda morning.

This morning it has mostly been…


Smiths (seeing Morrissey at O2 soon…woohoo)


Maximo Park

2 CD box set ‘Loud as F**k’ by Motley Crue and ‘X Factor’ by Iron Maiden.It’s always a metal day!!

Apart from when listening to Neil Diamond:blush: