Soundtrack to your life

We’re listening to Elvis Costello’s Greatest Hits - what are you listening to?

It takes a nation of millions to hold us back - Public Enemy

Next up is some Wu Tang

Grits - my life be like

peter gabriel.


Xavier Rudd - Food in the Belly

jamie T and metallica…on rotation on the ipod:D

Sorry Ratty - CDs and vinyl only count xx

Foo fighters and then its Bush…

What? Kate Bush?

Hmmm, well, CDs… 4CD Box Set “Real Life Permanent Dreams” UK Psychedelia 1965-70 and the 5 Bonzo Dog Band albums. Kind of cheating because I also tipped them onto the iPod and was listening to them at work too. :smiley:

If Ratty’s got the CDs, surely that’s a fair shout ?

Now on Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band! I prefer Abba but dont`t let her know! Abba fans please send a PM.

I had Amy Winehouse on in the car earlier:hehe:

chunky says he rides a bike, but we say, Noooo, Nooo, Noooo

The SPECIALS Singles collection.:slight_smile:

Coldplay-rush of blood to the head:D

Pendulum Slam,
Prodigy Spitfire
and Follow You - Genesis
Hey I’m an eighties kid! :smiley:

I’ll remember that next time you want something:P:D

TOBY- first two are top choices sir!:smiley: genasis arent bad either!:w00t:

yup i do have the CD’s andy!:D:P and the ipod files and mp3’s and itunes…and…CD’s are soooooooooo old school, and vinyl is aaanncient!:D:P:w00t::stuck_out_tongue:

nooo no noooo

DavidAxelrod - Mental Traveller