Sorted the slapper!

Thanks to my tame racer Mr Paul Young, I now have a lovely Arrow steering damper tucked under the nose. Mmmm

OE item was a bit pathetic, esp in the heat.




and you’ll notice the filth on the front of the previously pristine 675 to prove that the trip to Mallery today was not far enough to dodge the rain dammit.

Tame racer? Is he not that aggressive then?

Nice item, a good damper is a must for hard track riding, eh!

Don’t have one on the SV, its all extra weight you know.

Had a massive (well, enough to scare the bejesus out of me) tank slapper on Saturday which saw a brief off road excursion.

I think it was a warning, so that was that.

We’ve seen slappers on your bike before Andrew, and you didn’t heed the warning signs then

ahahaha yes indeed I’d forgotten about that.

Thanks for the reminder…