Sort of....

Not really, just had my name changed by the wonderful Macp… tis ‘graphif800st’ here - glad to be rid of that mouthful! Have used this name in all other forums prior to this one so happy to have it back.

It will also make explaining the back of my jacket a lot easier as well!

I thought your name was Tim.

Who’s that? Oh… him, he’s my identical good looking twin!!

If he`s the good looking one, i hate to think what sort of mess your face is in.

I refer you to exhibit A - picture of John’s gut!!!

Welcome back to LB, Timmmmeeeehhhh!

Thats no gut, its a food storage hold.

theres me thinking it was a fuel tank for a sex machine!!!lol

Bloody hell, John, that’s TWO you’ve pulled just today - what ARE you taking! (Or should I be asking what you’re putting in their drinks?)