sort it please

I keep getting emails from lb saying i have a private msg and when i come on, the PM is from unknown and there is nothing in the message area and when i click on the name ‘unknown’ it redirects me to the forum. I took a screen shot. see pic below. Is there anyway of stopping my email alerts?

PM sent

The ex (REDACTED) now banned?

Sorry I’ll but out.

u said what i was thinking - its like the poor fella never even existed!!

Damn that’s alot of pm’s!

It’s your set-up, sorry. TB is rather clueless as to how to delete already-gathered emails, it doesn’t use MID (Message ID) so can’t keep track properly, mail or newsgroups. Get a better email client, there are a few. (And Thunderbird seems to be the best the general public finds, sad. )

Is he? D’uh, missed that going on!