i like to just say i am sorry about what happen friday nite on the forum.

i have had alot of trouble with my ex for awhile.

thank you to all the people who phone me and the people who sorted it thank you

I saw it and thought… it’s non of mine or anyone else’s business, just yours,… and was glad when it was deleted.

Get a padlock on it :wink:

I didn`t see but i was told.

Don’t hate the player, hate the game :wink:

keep out of the firing line me reckons, I know the trouble ex’s cause…and agree it should have been ditched and of course was…

Yeap - Ex’s are big trouble…makes us do things that are out of character.

i saw it and thought the same, dont get a padlock on it change your fricking password though would help

I did see the post and thought that was pretty low of your ex…it’s nobodys business but yours luvvie good luck to you and sharon :smiley:

I wasn’t on about the pc ;):smiley:

Sorry. I got 2 threads mixed up. Please excuse I.:ermm:

I gather someone posted as you, though I didn’t see the now removed thread.

A couple of years ago I logged onto a forum I was in the habit of joining in with, only to see that someone had posted stuff using my user name - I was shocked! PMs to the webmaster, and a few other people who I thought might have done it for a laugh, none of them 'fessed up to it and I was starting to get concerned.

But of course I had ignored the fact that I’d been out on the sauce the previous night and the demon drink had caused me to COMPLETELY FORGET that I’d been on the forum waffling on about not an awful lot of sense.

Fortunately I was being an “I-love-you-mate-I-really-really-love-you-you’re-great-you-are” kind of drunk so I hadn’t said anything too silly other than enthusing all over the place, but I did feel like a total plonker when the truth came out, and it took months before the other posters let me live it down! :smiley:

Hehehe love it CM…

:laugh: Done that before too.

What? the “I-love-you-mate-I-really-really-love-you-you’re-great-you-are” bit…but wasnt that to your BIKE after you’d washed and polished it? :w00t:

:laugh:I always do that to my bike because even though I ride like a twat, it just shakes it’s head, rolls it’s headlights, mutters c**t under it’s air box growl, but doesn’t chuck me off.

F**K !!! Mine does !! :w00t: Maybe i should tell it i love it more often…(story of my life !!) ha ha :smiley: