Sorry state

So I was in an RTA yesterday (in the car). Some women came out of a side turn even though i had my hand firmly on the horn she just carried on I had no where to go she slams into the side of me.

I get out take some quick picks look at the car behind hoping for a witness and he just buggers off! thankfully the one behind him saw it all and stopped!

It really angers me that no one seems to care anymore when something like this happens! what a sorry state we are in!

Pleased you weren’t hurt mate. It’s a sad state of affairs that no one wants to leave their details as a witness.

its a very sad world
even more sad is they are called RTC now that way it cant be called an accident

@ wise lol makes sense though

person behind you might’ve had all sorts of unrelated reasons they didn’t want to get involved. like they had no insurance etc.

Thats crap, glad you’re ok and have a witness. I helped out a Harley rider who was t-boned by a lorry. I was pretty angry that no other bikers stopped to help and the cars just decided to get as close as possible almost causing another accident despite it being obvious we were picking up his bike and trying to move it out of the way…

only if he was a criminal himself would it be justified to leave an accident scene. if he had no insurance it wouldnt have mattered.
why is it not illegal to flee the scene of an accident if you are a witness? only if you’re involved in the accident? seems a bit ridiculous.

What really annoyed me and until I hear back from my insurance I will not know.

The women produced an old cert which she was not on, then said it was a company car. At that point I called the police concerned she was not unsured to be told. We have exchange details therefore there is nothing the police will do

I mean WTF!!! I think she is an illegal driver but because she gave me her licence plate, phone number and address that is good enough! its times like this I think why do I pay national insurance. If it turns out she was not insured I will be making an official complaint about them not sending the ole bill

*insured not unsured (hate that you cannot edit)

You can edit posts. It says “Edit post” just to the right of where it says when you posted (just above the text of the post, on the left). If you click that a box pops up where you can edit it.

Here’s a picture:

@ big red - LOL that’s it I give up!

thank the crash has knocked some brain cells out as well (albeit not many in there knock out)…


That edit procedure works on PC but not phone.

Very sorry to hear about the accident Karl

Works on my phone Jetstream. What phone are you using?

Sorry to hear about the RTC. I’m constantly amused by the ineptitude and utter carelessness of the pitiful excuse for London drivers.

Glad you’re ok and not hurt. I got taken out like that on my push bike. A dingy bell doesn’t have quite the same impact as a horn! Or not in your case😓

UPDATE: - Got a call from the person who hit me, doesn’t look like going to be an issue on the claim as they have offered to pay for the work… Happy days

sorry to poop on your party, but i wont claim victory until the money is in your pocket. just saying.

Hope it works out Karl. Fingers crossed for you.

@Pricetta it’s a Samsung galaxy ace 3

Fingers crossed.

@Jetstream I’ll ask Jay :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that Sleeper, I’m just as dismayed, got knocked off my bike last October white van driver changed lanes didn’t look, bike was written off, thankfully I was ok but I remember this big burley 6 foot plus bloke shaking like a girls blouse admitted he hadn’t looked really sorry blablabla, didn’t think anything of it until he’d claimed on the insurance form that I was to blame, really pissed me off his stupidity could have wiped me out left my kids without a father and all he wanted to do was save on his company car insurance excess. Sad state, may think twice if one his family was involved in an accident.