sorry officer I didnt see you

when your gunning it round cumbria beware ,

them there police have armed themselves with an R1. :w00t:






I must be getting old because those girls look about 7 :w00t:

Dude - girls NEVER looked like that when I was seven :w00t::w00t:

its just a cynical excuse for coppers to get paid to ride a free sports bike to razz around some decent roads on, and call it policing!

The lucky bastids!!! :D:D:D:D:D

my thoughts exactly :stuck_out_tongue:

And to be fair the rossas from bike safe at Ace cafe reckon their not allowed to pursue at speeds above 100mph so it seems a bit out of place. but like you say you wouldnt be complaining if it was delivered to the impound and it was your job to break it in :smiley:

Saw this at the Bristol Classic Bike Show

I think I prefer this little gem of a photo!:P:P:P

And, from this pic, I see they have been doing this super-police-bike thing for quite a while!

Here’s the latest one from Durham Constabulary… They used to have a couple of SP2’s if I remember correctly.

Nice, No more speeding?

I’d be worried about having that chasing me, but I’d be even more intimidated being followed by a police helicopter. I dunno about Cumrbia but in the summer months, the police in the Greater Manchester area do use a helicopter to police some of the most awesome roads in the Peak District. I know a few peeps that’ve been caught that way - they’re hard to hear because of the bike noise and nigh on impossible to see because they sit right above you. At least with a bike following you, you could potentially lose the other guy (if your handling skills are god-like :P)

dannyboy (18/03/2008)

They are 7… the rules in Cumbria are very different to the civilised world. :slight_smile:

It’s lucky they have bikes because not one of the plod look like they could run for toffee, It’s the unmarked police bike that worries me!!

Glad i took a peep at this thread, it is interesting to see, just what weapons of mass enjoyment the local plod have up their sleeves. Bit like the early 80’s when they had the latest Rover Ambassador thinking it was the best at playing with the ‘boy racers’…then Lotus went and gave the ‘Boy Racers’ the Imperial Green Carlton 1990.

hahaha found it

was posted a lil while back