Sorry guys LB just had a snooze

We’re all worn out, so we flipped the switch and had a snooze…

ok ok, seriously folks, a database licence expired and although Jay had renewed it before trotting off to Kenya for holidays it seems the renewal hadn’t happened automatically.

I’ve been touring the North East of England so haven’t been on t’internet aside from patchy BB signals and Jay, well you can imagine what the internet access is like in Kenya on a game reserve. Patrick has never been behind the scenes before so was also limited in scope, and neither of us could do anything about the problem once correctly diagnosed.

So it’s taken some time and lots of effort to sort out but it’s back.


And check out the member discounts in the stickies please :slight_smile:

you guys run such a shabby service, I mean really :hehe:

I’ve said to Jay before - use a LAMP stack and you wouldn’t (shouldn’t) have these problems :wink:

Shite site we have all gone to boxhill bikers now

actually phone reception is very good in the villages and game reserves iirc! No excuses - harrumph!