sony erisson k800

i took this photo last year.think its not bad for a phone:)

the K series are much better for pics…i have the W960i from teh walkman range…shite camera…

tho it does hold 8gb of ermm.stuff:D

Nice Pics!:smiley:

Yeah the camera on the W980 is shite, it’s 3.2mp but that’s about all that’s good about it, you can’t hold it without your finger being over the lens and it doesn’t have some of the functions (including LED “flash”) that the W810 I had did, but I guess the point of the phone is the walkman not the camera on that series, the walkman is damned good.

Sadly in my experience the only thing good about the K800i is the camera, it does have the ability to enable you to take some very good pics, the rest of the phone is shite though! :ermm:

I had a K700i which I thought was shite too.

I loved my W810. The W980 is a pretty good phone and makes the W810 look old fashioned, but it’s not AS good as it should be.

Yeh think your right Tim, cant understand a word Tug says on it, but then again I cant understand him when he’s standing next to me :smiley:

do you mind mr moto this is a photography section not scrapheap challange:Psorry i mean streetfighter section:D

I think the cameras on Nokia N series phones are good as well :slight_smile:

Nobody cares what you think David Bailey:P

I went to the N95 8GB from the K800i & I prefer the K800i! If it had sat nav & GPS I wouldnt have moved to Nokia as their phones feel cheap and arent as easy to use.