Sons of Anarchy!

Does anyone watch this???

Its awsome! im totally hooked! :smiley:

I can’t look at the guy without thinking of Hellboy! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just watched the first episode and omg its good! i was shocked when i realised the guy who plays Jax (Charlie Hunnam) was the guy from Green Street, talk about a make-over!

So does anyone think that this could be a new direction for LB :stuck_out_tongue: id love for the LB hoodies to become mandatory :w00t::cool:

surely you would have to earn them like a good little prospect :D:D:D:D

+1 :w00t::w00t:

Perhaps we could get some Proper LB Backpatches too - cut off denim jackets etc and do it properly - although I think we may need to stop short of gun running :smiley:

Half way through the 2nd series of SOA now and it only gets better :wink:

Im a masssive fan of sons of anarchy.

Always download the latest episodes. Season 2 is going real strong. Heck all the episodes are always good.

I’m digging up this thread because the series are just too awesome. I watched the whole two seasons in a week or so (and that was because I was trying to savor every episode) I can’t wait for Season 3 !!! :smiley:

+1 mate. I saw the end of season 2 some while back, in December almost, so I’ve been waiting ages. The last 2 episodes in season 2 were immense!

Really love this. Makes me want to join a biker gang, 'cept without all the crime aspects - bar motoring ones.

Join a Jetstream run, far more hardcore than SOA!:stuck_out_tongue:

And yes, we do a bit of gun running too!:smiley:

you still watching season 1?
wait till you see season 2 it is the b0ll0x and i will go as far to say it is the best thing i have seen in tv series.

just realised some1 has ressurected this post, lol

I just watched both series of this over the past week. Absolutely brilliant.

I just spent the last hour looking at Harleys on ebay too :cool: