Sonic was speechless!!! Girl stripped in Frith St in Jan

At this point in January, I had only been down on a few occasions, and needless to sat a few people stand out more than others!

This was the first time…and only time…I experienced Sonic speechless!!!

I am sure that the story has been told a few times now…


Isn’t that the girl that was nicked for ‘naked’ protesting … something to do with her flat and the rent in Soho ?!?

classy girl

I don’t know what her reason was…however the Police car did make her run with her trousers round her ankles, and she did trip-over (didn’t put her arms out for holding onto the rest of her clothes!!), and slid on the cold tarmack for a few inches!!!

LOL, brilliant picture TDM! I love it! Crazy part of town, it’s top fun.

She should go to the gym and stop shopping for her underwear in M&S

Cotton undies, what was she thinking


Do you mind if I post that up on the other bike forum I belong too ( Triumph site )? TA

Feel free to copy the picture

Ahhhhhh man just when most of us got that hiddious sight out of out minds

Yeah, cheers for the memory jog.

You perv J, you just want it for your personal collection, don’t ya?