Sometimes you really should buy NEW!

oh dear

Think of all the money I flushed away!

It does largely depend on the meaning of “used” in this case. I mean if it was actually used for its purporse, then that’s obviously a no go. But if someone has mistakenly purchased the wrong size, put it on, didn’t like the fit and put back in into packaging, then why the hell no. It’d be a shame just to waste it like that when it is still fully functional.


if you’re referring to the one he ‘tried’ on, you know that the air would degrade that, right? Ok the rest of the pack would be ok in theory but would you risk all that especially when the result could be really expensive and give you lots of headaches… and **** all over your house? :smiley:

Just turn them inside out and your good to go :slight_smile:

Oh… classy…

Or you give them the one rinse :smiley:

Is that advice from previous experience :laugh:

Yer is a trick I learnt up north :wink:

Scotland can be a terrible place :smiley:

It’s abit nearer then there :wink:

Learnt it in a club called Krazy House… Names says it all really lol

No wonder… Bloody sh*thole :wink:

Cheap drinks and cheap women what more could you want :smiley:

Ahh. Thats why I’m never in there :smiley:


But you’d fit right in. That dress really accentuates your long legs. :stuck_out_tongue:



I think it brings it the colour in my eyes more aswel and is a lot more then I usually wear :smiley:

I did wonder why you had so many clothes on in that picture.

Not use to the northern cold :smiley: