Something Random....

Good Morning Everyone!

Have a good day @ work (or whatever you maybe doing today)!

(Thought I’d be really random this morning, it could last all day )

Morning … yes it is … dry n sunny … n I’m at work !

Have a gud’un !

*Gazza, have remembered the CD, I’ll see you at the Ace tonite.

Ride Safe !


moning all, what a lovely morning it is! I had a lovely ride through regents park on the way to work this morning with another biker on an R6. We kept chatting at the lights and missing them going green (cagers loved that, lol)

I love it when that happens, no one ever acknowledges me on my way in, never mind, tis a beautiful morning and I’m in a good mood, due to the weekends race results

Beautifull Avitar Miss Grid !!

Too late for morning?

Good evening all