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Hi all,

I dont know if you saw the post made by Foxy!!!

Here’s the link.

This is more of a update of what happened since the post. Unfortunately I was unable to get the rest of the sponsorship money together so had to finish my season early in the R6 cup.

What made it more of a heart ache was the fact that i had no testing and because of the poor weather condition, I only had an hour and a half dry track time though out the hole season up to the point were i left the championship. And still i was getting quicker and starting to challenge for points.

As this championship is now over for this season, i’m already looking at next year. The plan is to get a GP 250 and race in the British Championship to start with then, if I’m quick enough move up the the european champioship. This was something that was on the cards this year but i never really had enought people behing me (as in mechanic, or sponsors) to do it.

The european championship is the breading ground for world gp 250 riders and most of the riders in the motogp paddock have raced at some point in this championship.

As you may have already gather racing isn’t cheap and for me to be able to do this i’m going to need a bit of help!!! So if there’s anyone out there who might be able to help out as a mechanic of just fancy comin to the meetings and being a pair of hards and helping with the general running of the team.

As for anyone how might be able to help out with some of the running cost’s there would be hospitallity available as well as telivision coverage. I cant give any details on the tv coverage side of things as the organisers still havn’t conformed anything.

Or maybe you know of anyone who can help out please pass forward on this link or maybe send them in the direction of my website.

If you have any question please dont hesitate to get in touch.

For more info on me please visit

Good luck with it mate, and you never know … but we have several racers (tho not national) to whom we have pledged support too!

Should I find a couple of thou down the back of the sofa you’ll be in line to know, and you’ll certainly qualify for lots of pics in the galleries of next year’s racing

Good luck on that mate! All will be right in the end!

Best of luck John. The 250GP class looks amazing, very close and highly competitive. I love the bikes as well.

That`s really tough having to finish the season early, that must hurt.

250`s would be a good way forward too and your improved cornering speed and machine set up skills after riding them for a while would set you in good stead later on in your career.

You won`t be able to ride one at BSB though as the 125 is the only two stroke class. Worth considering riding one of these though.

Best of luck either way, and let us know how your gettiing on.

Im little to know help but wish you ALL THE BEST keep us all posted!

Cheers for the support.

Just wondering if anyone knows of a mechanic that knows about 250’s in the south london area that wouldn’t mind giving me a bit of a hand on a couple of trackdays/race meetings???



Hello John… good to see you posting… Shame things didn’t work out for the this season… All the best of luck for next year… I’m sure you’ll get the support you need…

Speak to you soon…

There is a guy that sometimes post on here by the name of John Stamps I believe. He is not a mechanic that I know of, but, races GP250’s. Could be worth trying to get hold of him.

I havn’t bought my itinerary for the weekend racing at Brands, could be that the 250’s are running. You could always pop down and see. Sure someone would be able to help you out, nice bunch.

Good luck, I hope it works out for you.

Hey Everyone,

Just a quick message to keep anyone who is interested posted,

I’ve joined a team called moto uk racing and will be racing for them in the Britsh GP 250 Championship. I’ll be competing on a yamaha Tz 250.

The team also plans to do a couple of wild card rounds in the European 250 Championships as well as the Dutch Championship.

We’ve already started testing and I’m glad to say, had a sucessful 3 days at cartagena in spain. The weather was great, the track was awesome and and glad to say my lap times weren’t bad either!!!

Speak to you later

John #67

Good News !!!

Great stuff fella and I,ll look out for ya.

All the best.

Good luck with that John
Hope it all works out for you.

Well done on securing a ride! Are you the only rider in the team? and when does your season kick off?

Cheers guys,

Yer there is another 250 rider and two 125 riders in the team,

As for the start of the REPLICAST ACU DUNLOP TYRES MOTOSTAR CUP the dates are;

· Round 1 Brands Hatch 14/15 April
· Round 2 Croft 21/22 April
· Round 3 Silverstone 13 May
· Round 4 Oulton Park 7th July
· Round 5 Castle Combe 28/29 July
· Round 6 Anglesey 18/19 August
· Round 7 Snetterton 1st September
· Round 8 Cadwell Park 22/23 September

but we will be doing some rounds before this as practice.

The European Championship start in may, this is the championship we really want to race in but as always it depends on finding a sponsor to help with the cost!!!

John #67

Good luck John, keep at it, you will get there in the end, how much sponsorship do you need for the European Championship?

Nice to see the 250GP machines back in a prestigious series It looks like its going to be very competitive but i think youll learn loads riding them rather than a production machine. Hope you`ve got a good mechanic for the constant maintainence.

With the fantastic euro tracks and weather you won`t want to come home to some of the British mickey mouse circuits.

I`ll try and get to the odd round.

Well, we are still trying to raise money for the British Championship, but I have a meeting later this week so (fingures crossed)should have it all sorted out!!!

As to the European Championship it will probably cost a futher 10k as there are a load more cost… Like diesel, ferry, hotels, tyres and all the extra spares you have to carry.