Something for the weekend

Make and model please.

The last quiz was obviously too easy for you clever clogs out there so I’ve added a couple of stinkers in this one:P

Hint!.. They aint all that they seem;)









All easy, best give someone else a chance :stuck_out_tongue: :crazy:

I bet you have got at least 3 wrong for sure;)

PM me your answers if you dare… i can do with a giggle:P

Damn! I never knew this was call my bluff :blush:

I can name one of them! Although my one don’t look as clean or as not broken as the one in the pic…

It’s only easy for me cos I know the answers:w00t:

Have a guess then:)

Stop reminicsing :stuck_out_tongue: You haven’t visited your garage for far too long :smiley:

If I wasn’t so wasted and getting ready to go clubbing, I’d have a go at this.

Off the top of my head I recognise No.6 Transalp though and No2 is a Yamaha.

I’ll have a go at the rest tomorrow. :wink:

One is an Aprilla Shiver 750 I think, had a race with one away from the Ace today and amazingly, despite the fact he got away from the lights faster than me, I won ! :stuck_out_tongue: I guess it’s not a fair race but I was happy :slight_smile:

Well, thats one correct;)

the first one looks a bit like a bike i have in bits in my garden that i need to build and thats a yamaha SR500

changed my mind make that the 7th one, they are beginning to look the same. but the first one looks to have 2 exhaust pipes so its a no no

Is no. 7 a yamaha xs 650?

i think the 2nd one is a kawasaki z1200 with different exhausts

Is number 1 a honda MT250…or some sort of MT series?

Edit, sorry, meant number 1, picture number 1

o yeah and the last one is a bmw, am i good or am i good

to be fair can grim and myself have cars next time please

no, this is a local bike forum for local bike people. :P:w00t:

(and a couple across the pond! ;))


Aww, I was only joking! please don’t cry! :slight_smile: