something for the weekend? (a bike/ scooter)

I’ll be back in London at Easter for a couple of days (7-11th of April) and am looking to avoid using London Transport if possible.

Do you or anyone you know have a bike or scooter I could use for the time I’m back?

Please get in touch with me if so and we can work out the finer details.


Considering the cost of short term insurance to ride it (which seems to be very expensive, especially in London), you might be better off renting a bike or a scooter for the time…


Many insurance companies give “ride any other bike” cover on their insurance. Will need to check but that will cover you for 3rd party only insurance and thus be legal on the road.

Thanks for the thought.

Although there is still a possibility someone will have an unused bike or ped looking for an Easter dusting off.

Anyone have anything?

I shouldnt laugh but this just made me laugh out loud!


You’re probably right.

Thanks for bumping the thread though.