Someone stolen my petrol!!!!

First big ride today…(04 plate 625smc)

…55miles and my tank was bone dry…WTF happened to all the juice! There is no way I can live with that. I was on the twisties at Finchinfield, essex.

Oh yeah…i loved it! bar the sour taste of the ‘Petrolholic’ 625 I seem to have acquired.

So anyone know whats going on???
Any other petrol stations other then Ongar BP?

Plus the front sprocket oil seal had gone! (pup spring to mind?)

Anyone got a link to diagrams and step by steps?

Isn’t that about right for one of them? :stuck_out_tongue:

55 miles!!! :w00t:

God I can see the KTM has more than one way in burning a hole in your pocket… Oh how I’m looking forward to it :smiley:

So I hear…:blink:

I got around 70 miles to reserve when I went to France on mine, but I was ridding with a group of busa’s and sports bikes :smiley:

Normally get a bit less when out with Tards :wink:

Anyways £3 fills it up :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ve been looking to change your name…

MotoPup :Whistling:

You think the KTMs are bad - I get about 30 miles before my light comes on!

I used to have a 4x4 that was more economical :smiley:

There is a petrol station in Thaxted that I think the tards usually use.

There is also a petrol station in Finchingfield that you can use.

Yeah Saracens Filling Station :,0.346434&sspn=0.002767,0.004823&ie=UTF8&ll=51.953001,0.345093&spn=0,0&z=19

KTM - Killer To Maintain.

Just to make you jealous 250 mile range. :stuck_out_tongue:

On a Sunday???

Thanks for that mate!

I am jealous yes! prick :cool:

If the Finchingfield one does open on a Sunday it must be minimal hours, it always seems to be closed late Sunday afternoon.

I know its there but never seen it open.

But what a f*cking boring ride :Whistling:

Pretty sure the tards used the thaxted ones on Sunday rides, and I dunno about Finchingfield opening on Sunday, I don’t usually use it so can’t say what the hours are.

Finchingfield one was closed a few Sundays ago when I went up…

Jesmond Garage LtdBardfield Road | Finchingfield | Essex | CM7 4LT

Monday to Friday :: 9am - 7pm
Saturday :: 8am - 4.00pm
Sunday :: Closed