Someone buy my Fazer?


Nice lookin Fazer there Conrad :smiley: I like it.

looks good mate, that’s a seriously good deal. Mine’s going up for sale in the next few days, not going to be anywhere near that price.

More details please


let me know when your selling the can, headlights and engine bars, my newly acquired fazer wants them :stuck_out_tongue:
speaking of which, there are stonkingly quick :hehe:

nice example, you should get £900 or £1000 with all the extra bits

Cheers Groovy. I’ve put it up for a decent price but it seems like nobody is buying these days…

Still available?

Yep, still available


Its had more hits than the beatles :smiley:

Yeah so it turns out… None to do with me though!

howdy just wondering if the bike is still available

Still available…

I have looked in to this and getting insured is not a problem but making a claim in future is as the pay out will be lower. So for that reason i am out! Good luck with sale mate.
Cheers Steve

No worries Steve. Will stick it on Gumtree when I can be bothered to give it a clean and take some pics…

Glad to hear your ninja went finally!

Cheers Conrad I know a couple of people that are looking for cheep commuter bikes will ask them. Think the history will put them off for what your asking though.