someone amuse me today

working from home again today, and im suffering a bit from no one to talk to syndrome.

You’re never alone with an internet

c’mon now, theres gota be something else you can think of than directing me to another website that talks to you?

that’s what friends are for lol

I work from home most days, I love it.

I wake up, eat breakfast, play with my cats, watch porn & fap, do a bit of work, eat lunch, do a bit of online shopping, watch porn and fap, do a bit of work then call it a day and watch more porn :wink:

thats not working thats called being unemployed


though, you sound like you have more fun than i do!

i havent got cats


You sound like a bloke trapped in a bird’s body…

There you go Steve, get your teeth into that one.

have you got any vacancy at your workplace?


I think shes busy :w00t: