Somebody from Watford?

Hi guys,
is here somebody from Watford? What about some beer?

There are a couple of us from Watford on here. I can’t spare the time at the moment. Between interviews and packing to move it’s a pain in an the arse.

But we could meet at The Boot in Sarretts one Monday.

I’m from watford aswell!

always up for a ride out!

Im now looking for some bike, I hope that we can go somewhere for ride very soon!

We’re not that far from Watford and always up for a hoon…shifts and kids permitting! :smiley:

from watford,all ways go up the ace on friday if you want to tag along give us a shout.:smiley:

And what about to meet somewhere to talk? I have a lots of question about motoworld in UK, i dont want to spam forum :smiley:

let us know when :slight_smile:

i post it here tomorrow, bcs we get a new rota 4 next week…

ok guys, what about Sunday, Monday or Wednesday?

We’re in France for the weekend, both off Monday, I’m off Wednesday.

I live in Borehamwood, so not far from Watford.

BBC is predicting heavy showers for Sunday :frowning:

Well at least things will warm up a bit. Been waking up to frost the last three or four days.

Guys, which date is best for you? Lets go to meet somewhere…

Depends were your moving to chap!!! :smiley:

You up for a night out Rob, it’s only a quick run from Aylesbury.

I’m from Watford, again a bit busy at the mo :w00t:
Just see what days u guys meet up and i try and make it :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi guys. I’m from watford too. I’m free most sundays if you’re going for a ride.

Yup, I’m in Watford too, anyone still looking for someone to rideout with this summer.

i deliver pizzas in watford :stuck_out_tongue:

(if anyone here wants, i can see about getting offer codes for Papa Johns in Watford or St albans)