some ******

tried to take the misses out on her bike last night.

she was filtering coming up to the great cambridge roundabout,blue merc pulls across to block her path she stops behind traffic moves on still wont let her pass,so when she can pass she rev’s the bike to say im here.

she shoots off towards home through the traffic about a mile later at the junc of southbury rd/A10.sam leaves the light to her surprise an blue merc flys up on her inside a swerves into her lucky she spotted the merc so she shut off.

to turkish looking guys laughing in the car.

so they had made a point of catching her from the a10 roundabout.

she is going to report it to the police today,as well could not get through last night.keep on hold for 20 mins,it a joke in this country.

sam is tiny she had her leathers on so they know it was a girl,

we have the colour and make of car and reg number its at home so can put it on today.

i can feel a fire coming on so bring your fireworks,and we can have a merc firenight

Makes my blood boil…

Sorry to hear that fella. Never nice when that happens

Unfortunately there are some vindictive people on the roads. I think we’ve all been run off the road on purpose at one time or another.

Best thing to do is ignore them as we will always come off worse.

Sorry to hear that Mate hope she is ok.

I go to Haverhill alot mate,so will keep an eye out for that merc…



Hope she is OK, tell her not to let this knock her confidence. Some people have problems with women who have personality and confidence and these idiots sound like it’s them.

Think you should post the reg number Bro . . . gridgirl gets a lot of this kinda sh1te . . . you know how sometimes on the A10, you’re passing a Merc, and you accidentally scrape your toe sliders down the length of the car, or perhaps put a bloody great bootmark in the doors . . .

I wish there had been a group out… could have had some fun with the to**ers! you’ve got to be careful these days, you never know what the w*nkers are prepared to do if you upset them. the days of fisticuffs are well and truly over.

Know that stretch of road well. Anyone that uses that road will know how many bikers have been killed on that part of the A10 Post the reg up so Egypt

i will im at work today and forgot it,

hopefully 748sam will text it to me,if not i will stick on tomorrow

where do I sign up for a quick convertion course?

Mind yourself Jonny,
You can get yourself in a lot of trouble with the Brass if you go publically posting people’s reg numbers, specially when attached to calls for flaming wheels in the same thread…

I’m with you in heart, but just watch how you do these things in public places ok, specially a well-publicised and popular forum like this.

sorry peoples not aloud to put the reg up as i have been been told by the big cheeses on the site