some work i did in me yard

3 wks to put the decking down.








Wow. Nice one man :slight_smile:

im biulding behind the summerhouse a 15ftx18ft workshop and behind that is a 15ft x 18ft jym

weather stopedwork as its to dark when i get home:D

just me

nice work! how are you going to get stuff into the workshop??

Looks like you got a ramp going down the right hand side for that? Good job, come do my garden too.

that really is nice looks the bo$$ox

the deck is stright the floor dips down to the right need to raise it up so the ramp wiil be flush there is a 5 ft wide ramp to get to the rooms at the back they will b side entrance.:

got to inslate it all loots still to do:w00t: