Some upgrades

Just thought I would upload some pic’s as I haven’t been on for a while.





Welcome back :slight_smile: Looks smart. Bet it’s loud!

love the front headlights!

That is a nice looking bike Mate

Very nice !

I was behind a black gixxer down seven sisters road a few weeks ago, it had a weird little can which ended slightly behind the rider’s foot and lordy! me was it loud !

I’m loving them lights:cool:btw… Your road tax is on the wrong side;) BUT More importantly it looks like it’s fixed to a caliper bolt:w00t:I’d move it off the caliper asap if I was you:crazy:

no way…i was just talking to my mate tonight about converting my headlights in that style…and you go and post a pic…


but now i know what it looks like…lol,nice one


Nah… too Italian :smiley:

Seriously, nice job m8!

The can is very loud without the baffle in but it helps as cars notice me a bit more and move over when I’m filtering