Some TT footage to music.

Nice find.

Although still not as good as the Animals montage but that’s been taken away :frowning:

God watching this makes me want to get the bike out and thrash it’s neck off :w00t:

Awwww mate that was wicked!! i love that toon as well…kaos…stick that tune on me memory stick please luvvie;):smiley:

That’s a fantastic video! Love the tune. The MotoGP vid is great too :smiley:

Nice one mate :slight_smile:

I liked the drifter who actually put his thought on the tarmac for a second…awesome bit of riding.

i wanna go out for a ride now :frowning:

I spent FAR too much money getting my bike all sorted on Wednesday and it has pretty much rained ever since.

I am gasping to get out there and try the new suspension in some lanes, but no, I am sat here looking out at grey clouds :frowning:

ive got a broken bike, and 3 exams stopping me
so even after the exams im going to have to wait a bit before i can get back out :frowning: