SOme shots from Brands BSB

Took my camera and new lens to Brands yesterday. I only managed 658 pictures !!

Here’s a few that I managed to pick out last night. I’ll give them a proper going over later this evening.

A 675 in the Supersport race

Some of Stalker


And one of the pivateers taking a tumble on the exit of Druids

Bit closer in, notice the master cylinder in the bottom right corner (well, that’s what it looks like)

I’ll try and post some more this evening.

Yay! Excellent shots man. Great one of Youngy on the 675 - I’ll make sure he sees it

Inside Druids was tricky - shooting into the sun all the time can really screw the exposure but you got some good ones regardless. I spent Race 1 on the outside of Druids so might have some with u in the background lol lol.

I was up at Westfield for race 1 and Supersports. I only did superstocks, 125’s and Race 2 at Druids (took a break during the V cup).

I’ve got a few more of the 675, I’ll have to drop them over to you.


Ah I see, looking again at the pics I don’t know why I assumed it was inside Druids hehe guess I’m still a bit dazed from the weekend.

I meant to go out the back of the circuit but never did once - there are some great positions to shoot from but it’s such a long way and my kit is so heavy…

Hopefully we’ll have a gallery up soon enough and I’m gonna start on my 1700 shots tonight so there might be one or two sneaking up before Jay’s finished.

pics are fantastic

Gr8 pics, wish I’d been there now.

Galleries will be online today guys n girls!

great shots!!

There’s more here:

Including this one of Karl Harris which I particularly liked…