Some scumbag pushed my bike over last night!

Looked out of my window this morning to see my bike lying on its side. When I went out I discovered my neighbours scooter was also on it’s side partially under my bike. It looks like his was pushed over first (left to right) then my bike was pushed over after (right to left). He also had a bit of extra damage which couldn’t have been caused by the fall - a hole punched in the plastic adjacent to his ignition switch so it looks as if someone was trying to possibly hotwire it.

My bike has a thick cover over it which seems to have stopped any superficial damage and I think my neighbours scooter seemed to cushion most of the fall. I did a cursory check over and couldn’t see any obvious damage, the tank wasn’t dented, no marks to the paintwork, wing mirrors ok that sort of thing but as dawn was breaking at that stage I decided to look at it more closely when the light is better.

I’m not the most mechanically gifted so is there any other obvious things I should be checking for? I’d be grateful for any pointers.

Meantime I am sat here seething that some lowlife has done this :angry:

bloody scumbags, prolly coming home from pub pi$d up and just wanton vandalism

Don’t blame ya, mate!

Sounds like you were pretty lucky, really. The usuals to check are mirrors, bar ends, engine cover, exhaust, fairing and indicators. Sounds like it was a good job the cover was on!

If the bike’s fitted with a tilt sensor, that may have kicked in to trip the ignition. If that’s happened, just flick the kill switch off and on again and you should be good.

sorry to hear that fella, what a joke, some people have no respect whatsoever, shame you didn’t see it, you could’ve shown them what it’s like to be pushed around!

yANKERS, probably pissed, any council cctv or anybody with security cameras in your road.

Always thought scoots had their uses;)

Ha ha ha

Scumbag [email protected].

Might be pushing them over to check for alarms before coming back to whip 'em off.

Thanks for the support guys :slight_smile:

Well checked it over in daylight and apart from a little scuff on the exhaust I seem to have been extremely lucky. There were no leaks, she started up as normal and rode perfectly well. A couple of tears in the cover was the only real damage - it did it’s job well, not bad for a cheapie I bought from Lidl a couple of years back.

Sorry to hear this…but glad she ain’t to bad. As people have said, probably p**s heads or young yobs with sweet fa to do.

If you ever find out who did it…tie em to a pole and stick a frozen toblerone up their butt!! :smiley:

bloody scumbags