Some Random BSB Brands Photos

Here’s a handlful of random images I took from BSB this weekend gone. The whole lot will end up in a gallery or article most likely. Pictures include Mike Dodd, one of our brilliant new photographers, Sam Middlemas; LB’s BSB Superstock 600 Championship contender.

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So that’s what 1D with 400mm on a monopod looks like. As opposed to lying on the track badly beaten?


glad Mike’s hogging the spotlight, you wouldn’t have caught me with a happy face Sat afternoon…

On Sat afternoon you looked about the same as I do in that shot although you really meant it!! No worries I’m sure the camera doctors will be looking after your baby in ITU. :kiss:

I have noticed quite a large number of compromising photos of me appearing from Brands. Is this the newbie initiation?? Think I might have to correct this come Thruxton! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, Andrew’s just jealous he’s not caught-on-camera more I think :slight_smile:

Kid in a candy shop for you Mike comes to mind! Quite rightly too!

Didn’t realize Sam Middlemas was LB sponsored! :slight_smile: Will keep an eye out for him in future. Got to get some shots of that logo in action!

Last year barely a gallery went up without Damon showing me in various poses. So it’s nice not be there. And the novelty will wear off man, hehe

Yeah Mike, you can’t take this lying down, Andy did similar to me for ages, whilst I was filming the R6 Cup, but I got my revenge when I started shooting him in real “Catalogue man” poses

Give as good as you get fella, its a dog eat snapper world out there.

Yeah I think the gauntlet is well and truly down! Alhtough in fairness some of these pics have come from another none LB photographer and Jay as well as Andrew so I’ve got my work cut out!