Some Pics of where I live

You lucky mo fo! Looks like you’ve got a few toys to play with aswell

Jeeeez some people have all the luck, it looks fab…Dont think the missus would like being called a toy tho eh…

Blimey you lucky bugger, this is where i live, no comparisement to you.

The first shot is just AWESOME…I’d love to have a go at some adventure hiking/camping in an area like that.

I got to agree there …that place is looking just the Nutz !!!.

ps…superb photograph !!

John, I see you ventured into the backstreets behind Cubana

oh wow… reminds me of home :’-)

Thinking the SuperCorsas might struggle for grip on the road there bonny lad.



V. jealous of Amersham.

Laramie, Wyoming.

The first shot is in Medicine Bow National Park.

The other two are in Steamboat.

I just wanted to give Adz a couple more reasons of why I sacrifice so much horsepower.

nice one john

lovely pad you have but havent you got any walls anywere

Beautiful vistas. You need a different machine for each different terrain there! Love it!

Home sweet home for me n gridgirl . . . look, there’s our new lodger, Norman Bates, waiting to welcome us home . . . He spends a lot of time talking to his mother apparently . . .



If you guys remember the video of my buddy…

I also live just west of the great plains…