Some people think I have a bad sence of direction

What’s amazing here is that he apparently did two complete laps of the island, without recognising the fairly distinct landmarks he would have passed the first time round, such as Red Sands Fort which is just off Leysdown on the Eastern side…

The guy is obviously a complete plonker, and probably drives a BMW.Leysdown is, incidentally, the birthplace of British aviation :cool:

Pot, kettle, black.:smiley:

I got to Sweden without a map! Just kept the sea on my left :stuck_out_tongue:

I had better not call him a tw@t, we have to find Germany in a few days…


:hehe: Should’ve seen that one coming

Where’s Tim? :smiley:

if he had "found " the montgomery on one of his laps it would have woken him up

silly silly silly :slight_smile: