Some people are w*nkers

Taking my son to karate tonight I saw an old man (70ish) lying on a pavment with a nasty gash on the back of head. He had lost some blood but it looked like it had stopped. He was compus but couldn’t get up.

I phoned for an ambulance and wrapped him in an old blanked I had in the car.

Whilst waiting for the ambulance two ladies came along the street who knew the old man - he lives by himself. I think he had just got blown over in the strong winds.

Anyway my gripe is that there was a young chap sitting in his car 20ft away who was just gassing on his mobile.

He was parked there before I came along and was facing the injured man -what a w*anker.

I flippin hate that people just don’t want to help one another…how is the old fella hope he was ok?

What is the world coming to!!! I would help someone like that at the drop of a hat. Hope the man was ok, bless him.

It’s a London thing :frowning:

Good Man ! When I came to London few years ago I was shocked by situations like that… But mostly people in London just don’t care about anything else than their own asses…
I always try to help if I see somebody requires some attention.

Bloody W@ankers, can’t really do to much about them…

I guess we just have to hope that there are more of us, than them.

about a year ago i was knocked off my bike in London. I wasnt seriously hurt but about 3 riders rode past and didnt even stop to offer assistance and all the onlookers did just that…stood and looked as i tried to drag my wreck of a bike out of the road.

Maybe its because im originally from East Sussex and grew up with morals and decent family values that i’d always help someone in need if i could.

London is a cold place…

Having been brought and spent all of my life in London it doesn’t surprise me in the least.

When I do notice the difference is when I’ve been to places outside London e.g. Bournemouth, Blackpool and everyone is so much more communicative and polite :w00t:

It might be a London thing ( I am Londoner, born & bred). I think it’s more a mobile phone & youth thing, because if I saw no one helping the old boy, I would deffo stop & help.

it might be a london thing but its spreading across the nation.

people just dont want to get involved, frightened of being sued, or just dont give a damn.

ive been to incients where people have stood and watched someone die for fear of getting involved, but people are quite happy to rubber neck the RTA where the poor rider or driver is in bits and being scraped into a bag.

i dont understand it , how can you not get involved?? ive stopped loads of times on my bike and in the car to help starnded bikers and motorists, not just at work.and got nothing but thanks.

and all i ask is that next time they see someone needing help, they stop and help.

the world is turning into an uncaring, self centered , self obsessed pit of dispair.

im just glad that there are people out there like LBers that do care and do help, :w00t:

rant over ,communication ends:w00t:

Its not just london…im in essex and coming along chadwell heath high road, two men jumped on me and my bike, one stood in front of me and the other went to back of bike and began trying to tip me off it? There were shoppers all round, its a busy high road, and no one helped me. Two bikers came along and stopped one took my bike to side of the road, the other punched the guy trying to get me off the bike, to the ground, both men ran off,when his mate helped him up. The two guys said theres no point reporting it, cos ive still got my bike and they had run off !! If they hadnt come along when they did, i dont know what would have happened, cos no one wanted to do anything

On the other hand, when i low sided my bike about month or so ago? Me and sherrie were overwhelmed with the amount of people in cars and bikes, that stopped to help or ask if they can help…but i wonder if we were being attacked at that time, how many of them would have carried on riding/driving???

People who dont help others one day they will need help and no one will come to their aid…what goes around comes around…

Once my sister was attacked in a bus when she was comming from school by some girls, no one helped her , most shocking thing is our neighbour was also on the same bus and he did not even help or stop the girls…what a ******…

i would help anyone in need of help, especially the elderly i was taught to respect my elders…

thast what it comes down to isnt it morals and respect…

its a nationwide thing…some wont help because they feel they dont want the hassle, personally i would’nt call it ‘hassle’ -helping someone, but others would.

tis a strange world we live in.

Well done that man.

And yes i think London is a ill-mannered place.

Even at the bus stop i find it difficult to understand how people can have no respect or sense of ‘wait your turn’ and cue jump in front of me when i have been stood there at the shelter when no-one else was there.

And yes i think todays society has alot of people that dont give a toss.

But hopefully that mans life suffered no more because your kind soul help him in his time of need. As for the tit in the car on his mobile, well done dick!

I saw a bloke run up to an old chap and kick his dog, i ran over to the lad and told him to stop it…12 gypsies ran out of the pub and tried to start a fight, I avoided the first punch and once squared up thought this is crazy and slowly walked away…the police had been called already thankfully as two of the idiots then followed us and wanted a fight…brains bigger than peas I think not…to be honest I would have loved to have had a tussle with both of them but as a parent and a home owner and a known address who do you think would have been at most risk…the travellor or me…I would tto trust the magistrates courts in this country or the CPS at all…

fair do’s to the police that night, police women actually who chased and pepper sprayed the real trouble maker and arrested him, never to be seen again once released…so we think…if they had known where I live what would have happened then…

oh and all of this started because a group of gypsies bought some land (farm land)and put their homes on it without permission…what happened nothing…

but me…I put up a grass bank in front of my offices and have been told by planning to remove it…this country is run by idiots and is slowlly screwing up the people who live here…

this country is completely knackered. but woe betide those that go out speeding…all of the countries efforts are about putting you behind bars…

this is part of why people dont get involved…

Sorry just another of my rants…am sending myself to the other side of the room…

Aa i dont think your ranting on 2strokes, your right this country is in chaos.

Nothing to do with this thread but did anyone see the programme on telly Tuesday night about the influx of Polish (hats off to them, because they want to graft) or eastern european settlers in Peterborough to that of the the dole boys that would not go food picking on a farm for £7 an hour?, fools, and the OMG hypocrite councillor that invited the politely put immigration persons in the first place.

Land of Hope and Glory??? Cat Pooh, I reccon we as Brits should all pack our bags and go and live in Poland, cultivate it to our liking and leave the Government with no one to tax because it will all be imigrant families to shroud in benifits, that get off scot free when they break the law.

Hat off to you 2strokes, keep the grass verge, stuff them, I have not seen it but it looks nice!

It is sad, really really sad.

Did you get his wallet?:smiley:

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

They say its better to shout “Fire” when under attack as everyone is happy to be a hero against what is essentially " a thing " but no-one likes to get involved with another talking, walking human being. Me? I have stopped countless times and continue to do so - I once even chased a man who had nicked a boys bike right out of his hands. Caught up with him and snatched the bike back! :slight_smile:

Its amazing how well you sleep at night after something like that - brings a smile to your face.

I was born and bred in London, I will always help somebody in need, but i must admit that london can be very cold and heartless. In december 2006 when I broke my leg and dislocated my ankle in an accident, people where more concerned about driving around me while i lay helpless on the floor, one guy who was in his car (but was also a biker) stopped and parked his car across the road as people where driving dangerously close to my head. There was more people i could hear asking others if I was DEAD rather than trying to help.

That said there are still some saints out there like the guy who helped me (and even visited me in hospital) and the few others who tried to keep my spirits up while i was in the road. It just seems that the saints are few and far between down here.