Some people are deluded and seriously racist! (NWS at all!)

Some people are just an embarassment to society andto think thatthe poor child will grow up in that household :angry:

That video makes me terribly sad to watch.

The other sad thing is how many people will watch it and agree with what she’s saying.

emma west from new addington


True. there are always people on both sides of the camp on that one but there are more civilised ways about it. I am half way between this as my mum is British and dad is Portugese. It’s only us kids that were born in Africa. I dont go slagging of people like she does though

I knew immediately that she was from New Addington.

Awesome, the witch got arrested:


I listened to the first few seconds and thought it was staged. But if she has been arrested then she has got what she deserves. The really sad thing is that child will probably grow up filled with the hate and bile of the mother.

I just felt terribly sorry for that poor kid sat on her lap. What chance does the little fella stand with a scum-bag for a Mum like that?

It appears to me as if she was on medication (or maybe forgot to take it).

Yeah - to mouth off in a packed train like that to a load of strangers (regardless of what was said) is usually indicative of some form of mental distress - the woman obviously needs proper help.

she sounded drunk to me

That’s one way of making sure that nobody sits next to you on the train, I think she was a bit pissed (not that being drunk is any excuse for anything)

It’s incidents like this that convinced me to get a scooter all those years ago and leave public transport behind me.

That’s more like it!

I was horrified watching that, until she said “go back, go back to f***** nigragria” which seems she has blended two african countries and a few slang words into an actual geographic place!!! :laugh:

I would have liked that lady who told her to kerb her language to pop her one on the nose (had her boy not been there)

It was certainly offensive but it says something for tolerance. She gave them all an excuse to kick off and they chose to be the better person and rise above it. The first lady who told her off wouldn’t sink to her level.

could not watch it vile women, but yep, somewhat.

glad the uneducated scummy chav has been nicked she should have had a flying kick planted on her face, hope social services take her son away from her she is a disgrace and doesnt deserve to parent a child behaving like this.

It’s clearly a sad day when you have to hear comments as such as her’s. Britain is a great country, and it’s great for being diverse :slight_smile:

No wonder BNP are getting more seats…disturbing…:w00t::ermm:

I laughed at that bit too…classic!!! :laugh:

I agree with everyone’s comments though: she’s an uneducated chav (probably on medication or pissed), and I’m soooooo glad she’s been arrested for it.

she knew exactly what she was doing, hiding behing that baby, had it not been to the baby i’m sure she would’ve been kicked