Some Original Songs by Titz

Anyway guys,

I thought I might as well come out of the closet and make myself known! Anyway, about my music history. I’ve been playing guitar since 7 and admittedly i’m still very **** cos i play the same pop-punk stuff over and over again. I cant sing very well cos mommy didn’t give me vocal coach; when i get drunk i do a lot of very deep metal growls… usually to girls! But sometimes, I write stuff that’s lol, so if you’re into shits and giggles and don’t take life seriously, i’ve got a few of my original stuff here. It’s mostly influenced by the lack of growing up, or realising how badly my mates have screwed up their kidulthood, there’s a heavy pop-punk influence in most of them.

Carpe Diem - Acoustic grime/roodboy mashup with failed angelic harmonies
Reconcile - When you’re a horny 14 year old boy hurt by a girl, it kinda affects how you behave… eventually living to regret your mistakes
Pachelbel-don’t-give-a-****-in-a-D-Tot - Jerry C aced it, just because I’m Oriental doesn’t mean that I’m anywhere near as good as him!
Generic Metalcore riff
What you should play to your wife/partner/girlfriend on February 14th
Sum old Skool Sum41!
Made Of Win - really cheesy acoustic melody

Anyway, these are a few examples, but please feel free to go on my youtube and slate my page, i love seeing how stupid keyboard warriors actually get.

Enjoy guys


some of that stuff is quality, id buy your album :smiley:

Yeah man, me to. Loved the Power Rangers and the Valentines Sonnet. Keep up the good work. :smiley: