some of the gixers ive owned or own

very nice fella!! :slight_smile:

All nice. My first ever bike was a GSXR 750 K reg not sure what year that was but it was a damn sexy looking bike.

Wish I still had it. :slight_smile:

wish i had never sold the yellow gixer loved that bike

A very nice list of very nice looking bikes.

I reckon you’re now ready for a Honda! :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice bunch of bikes, bit of a gixxer fan by any chance :stuck_out_tongue:


I really like yours fella!!! :smiley:

Are you on

these are my gixer that I owned and own…

very nice suzukisi would be proud to own any of them

phantom, what can have you got on your K8 and did you have to have your fuel re-maped?

i want to get something for mine and theres so much choice i dont know what to go for

some nice gixxers there :slight_smile:

Oi phantom dont leave ya gloves on it or the Lb moaning brigade be on ya case mate :D:D:P

still got one lol, sold my vtr 1000 this year

tiggi what makes you think i like gixers? lol

Phantom gixer thats one clean bike you have there , does it ever get used lol

im thinking of part exing my k6 600 for a 750 ,

after the 2 trackdays in october im turing my srad in to a full time trackbike no lights ect .

ive also owned an 08r1 (didntlike it) an o2 r6, an lc 350 ,rd 125 dx, lc 125, rd 200 dx ,kawasaki zxr750h2 ,zxr400 x2 ,kawaski gpz600r, fzr400, ts 125 and 185, the gullarm above thats fittd with a 600 engine, that i will be selling soon and a couple of motorcross bikes, .

Very nice bikes there :smiley:

Have a look at the Yoshi Tri Oval in Carbon. Its not cheap though. £580 for the slip on but its road legal, unlike the lovely R-55 yoshi which is my fav but not road legal. So dont have to worry about being stopped for it and having to replace it either.

I know ‘I deserve to loose them’ apparently!