Some NEC Show Photos

The bike show’s pretty good this year! Some real nice rides! I’m torn between the KTM Superduke R GT or the Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 Factory for best season.

Claire’s torn between, well a tonne of bikes. She liked the R1 the most to sit on but was disappointed by the Ducati Supersport and GSXR 1000.


loving that actic tiger

Saw that picture and thought it might be something you would build.

Looks like there’s loads of bike porn. Must try and get up that way one day. Will have to make do with the show at the Excel

Some incredible (and incredibly strange) bikes there. Cheers for the pics Jay :slight_smile:

Which is the one all in black (halfway down)?

The Norton? Looks fucking incredible.

You mean the one that says ‘Ariel’ on the radiator shroud? :) 

Nah, the one above it that says “Norton” on the engine cover…

I really like the look of the Ariel, but that frame just sits uncomfortably wrong against my knees.

The Norton however, is even more gorgeous in the flesh than in photos. Spondon framework particularly the welding is just pure erotica!

Ah, oh yeah, there’s hugely more photos than I thought!

My token bike photo from the show was this precarious fuel pump on the new KTM 1090:


that Speed triple !! imagine riding that in the rain! 

Well, it’s bad enough with a tail tidy fitted. This would be loads worse!

Nah, the one above it that says "Norton" on the engine cover... Von

That’s the one - didn’t notice that detail! Cheers for that :slight_smile:

Just looked on the website - it’s their new V4RR. Looks quite nice!

Second from bottom bloke slightly busted checking out pricetta 's rear end

It’s a nice view, I don’t blame him.


I don’t think anyone would blame him to be fair. 

here’s Andy’s video of our day: