Some more funny Quotes

Murray Walker has said some classics. I`ve been reading his autobiography and thought these were great.

Theres nothing wrong with the car except its on fire.

I imagine the conditions in those cars are totally unimaginable.

Into lap 53, the penultimate last lap but one.

I`ve just stopped my startwatch.

And we`ve had five races so far this year - Brazil, Argentia, Imola, Schumacher and Monaco.

The first four cars are both on the same tyres.

The battle is well and truly on if it wasn`t on before, and it certainly was.

Its a sad ending, albeit a happy one, here at Montreal for todays Grand Prix.

Theres only a second between them. "ONE". Thats how long a second is.

The young Ralph Schumacher has been upstaged by teenager Jenson Button who is 20.

And now excuse me while i interrupt myself.