Some knee down action



Me :P:P:P:P:P

mega kool shots;)

cheers dude

sorry mate ive not got any of you cos we was riding around at the same time, I think Dunk has some though

yah!! he mailed some vids i have tagged you on FB :wink: uploaded 5 got another 8 to go!:smiley:

that third one of vegas is very cool indeed!

Vegas, fella - you look the don! :smooooth:

vegas m8 ur looking good m8… nxt time ur all out and about i`l c if i can come along and take some pics i might even give me sparky sliders a dust off and do some scratching wid ya:P:D:P

Cool, thanks guys and girls. I really like to try it on track aswell.

Nice :slight_smile:

dude get your ass on track, KD in the city:w00t:

Well done Vegas mate…Looking good…See you on track.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t pleased with them, nice work.

Just got back from a scratch with Gaz around Stockley, he is rocking the slider punishment now and I am am getting faster and lower, peg down soon I think, still aiming for the elbow though…:smiley:

Frogga come along and style it up.

I work on the business estate next to stockley roundabout should let me know when your going down there and I’d be tempted to get mee r1 out for a bash as I havent done kneedown round there for years.